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Hong Kong Company Directors: A Guide to Eligibility and Liability

These directors must act collectively as a board and they must act in accordance not only with the general law but the articles of association of the company.

Anti-Money Laundering Initiatives Affecting Hong Kong Companies: A Guide to the Significant Controller Register

A Hong Kong company has the duty to confirm all information before it is entered into the register and has a duty to confirm any update to any such information where it has reasonable cause to believe that such information has changed.

Hong Kong Companies: The Requirement for a Registered Office in Hong Kong

Like companies incorporated in many other jurisdictions, Hong Kong company law requires every company incorporated in Hong Kong to have a registered office address located in Hong Kong.

Share Capital of Hong Kong Companies

The vast majority of Hong Kong companies are companies limited by shares. A company limited by shares is a corporation and like corporations in many other jurisdictions, the liability of a shareholder is limited to the amount unpaid on the shares held by that shareholder. In this article, for ease of reference, we refer to a Hong Kong company limited by shares simply as a "Hong Kong company"

Naming a Hong Kong Company: Restrictions and Procedures

The birth of a new business or the re-branding of an existing business invariably raises the question: "What should I name my business?".  In today's world, often the answer will depend upon what domain name is available. However, beyond the issue of domain name, the business owner should consider whether his chosen name is the subject of a trademark registration and, if he chooses to incorporate his business, whether it is possible to register this name.

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