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Discretionary Trusts: Maximizing Wealth and Asset Protection Benefits

The trust industry is fond of touting discretionary trusts as a means to protect wealth and to shield assets from creditors.  Undoubtedly, trusts can help to achieve these objectives.  However, establishing a trust by itself may yield sub-optimal results.  The level of protection and the extent to which a trust can protect wealth and shield assets depends upon how sophisticated of an approach is taken…

Setting Up in Hong Kong: A Summary of Different Types of Business Organization

Multinational companies considering the establishment of a presence in Hong Kong have a number of different options, including the establishment of a subsidiary of an existing group company, the establishment of a branch office of an existing group company or the establishment of a representative office of an existing group company.

Hong Kong as a Regional Hub: A Guide for Multinational Companies

As a well established international financial centre, Hong Kong serves as the regional headquarters for multinational companies around the world. According to data published by the Hong Kong government, in 2016, Hong Kong was home to 1,379 regional headquarters. Some of these regional headquarters serve as the hub for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Setting Up in Hong Kong: An Overview of the Tax Regime

Multinational businesses often chose to establish companies in Hong Kong to serve as their base for operations in the Asia-Pacific Region. Amongst the many reasons for so doing is that Hong Kong is a tax friendly jurisdiction.  It has a low rate of tax and its taxes apply only to income sourced in Hong Kong. At the same time, it has established a comprehensive international tax treaty network and complies with international standards to enhance tax transparency.

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