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With limited resources, entrepreneurs need to focus on their core business. They need neither the distraction of dealing with corporate formalities nor the distraction of understanding how to work within the law to meet key commercial objectives such as capital raising, protecting intelletual property, hiring employees and the like. 

Timothy Loh Corporate Services helps entrepreneurs through the process of starting-up a business in Hong Kong and growing it. We help them to incorporate their business and to meet corporate formalities. Working together with our affiliated law firm, Timothy Loh LLP, and other tax and legal advisers:

  • we guide them through the process of preparing a shareholders agreement amongst the founders,

  • we help them to negotiate and prepare employment agreements,

  • we conduct intellectual property searches to ensure that the new business does not infringe the intellectual property of others, and we help them to register and protect their emerging intellectual property,

  • we guide them through the capital raising process, helping them to prepare marketing materials for the capital raise, ready themselves for due diligence, prepare investment documentation and put in place an investor friendly business structure and environment.