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Incorporated Hong Kong Company Types

Hong Kong incorporated companies include companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee and open-ended fund companies (OFCs)

Setting Up a Company in Hong Kong: Types of Business Organization

Multinationals setting up a company in Hong Kong can setup a local subsidiary, branch office or representative office of an existing group company

Hong Kong Company Registered Offices

Hong Kong registered companies must have a registered office address to receive service of communications and to keep statutory records

A Brief Guide to Hong Kong Taxes

Hong Kong has a low rate of tax and its taxes are territorially based. This is why Hong Kong taxes are regarded as business friendly

Share Capital under Hong Kong Company Law

Hong Kong registered companies may have share capital divided into multiple classes. Shares classes have rights set out in the articles of association

A Guide to the Hong Kong Significant Controllers Register

The significant controllers register identifies persons who control or own the company. It must be made available to law enforcement for inspection

Hong Kong Company Directors: A Guide to Eligibility and Liability

These directors must act collectively as a board and they must act in accordance not only with the general law but the articles of association of the company.

Types of Partnerships

There are 4 types of partnerships in Hong Kong, including general partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited partnership funds

Advantages of Hong Kong for Businesses

As a well established international financial centre, Hong Kong serves as the regional headquarters for multinational companies around the world

Guideline on Hong Kong Company Names

Hong Kong company names must include the word "limited" and must not be identical to or confusingly similar to another company

Hong Kong Trusts

Hong Kong trusts may be indefinite (no rule against perpetuities) and the settlor may reserve investment powers. Forced heirship laws do not apply.

Types of Trusts

We discuss different types of Hong Kong trusts including discretionary trusts, fixed trusts, living trusts and testamentary trusts

Private Trust Companies in Hong Kong

A private trust company can serve as a captive trustee for a family trust and give a family greater control over a family trust

Discretionary Trusts: Maximizing Wealth and Asset Protection Benefits

A discretionary trust can protect assets from creditors but care must be taken to ensure that assets are properly transferred into the trust

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