Trust & Corporate Services

Trust and Corporate Services

Timothy Loh Corporate Services is a leading trust and corporate services provider with over 15 years of experience in the Hong Kong market. Our clients include Fortune Global 500 companies, multinationals, private fund managers, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.

Corporate Services Provider

As a corporate services provider, we assist with Hong Kong company registration, assisting in the selection of the most appropriate type of legal entity and providing a full range of services following registration. We act as Hong Kong company secretary and provide a registered office address in Hong Kong, ensuring compliance with applicable Hong Kong company laws.

Trust Services Provider

In trust services, we assist with the setup of family trusts, helping to identify objectives, whether for asset protection, estate planning or tax mitigation. We act as an institutional trustee, ensuring compliance with the objectives of the trust, or, where appropriate, we assist clients to establish a private trust company to serve as a captive trustee of a family trust.

Unlike many institutional trustees, Timothy Loh Corporate Services is independent of any financial institution. Because we have no formal ties to any financial institution, we have no interest in recommending financial products or financial solutions from any particular provider. As a result, we can focus on servicing the needs of our clients and offer objective and impartial advice.


We are licensed by the Registrar of Companies under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism (Financial Institutions) Ordinance as a trust and company services business. We are affiliated with Timothy Loh LLP, a law firm regulated by The Law Society of Hong Kong.

Relationship with Timothy Loh LLP

Timothy Loh Corporate Services Ltd. provides all company secretarial and trust services and coordinates all legal advice in respect of company registrations, trust formation, tax planning, estate planning and asset protection. Timothy Loh LLP provides all Hong Kong law advice, including in respect of company law, trust law, family law and tax law, and prepares all Hong Kong law instruments relating to property.

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