Wealth Protection. Estate & Tax Planning. Liability Management.

Corporate Administration

Timothy Loh Corporate Services provides both compliance and corporate governance services. In the former regard, we assist clients to comply with the diverse range of corporate formalities. In the latter regard, we advise clients on their duties as directors and work with them not only to ensure that they meet tax, asset protection, liability management and estate planning objectives in their corporate activities but to ensure they are responsive to the demands of their stakeholders.

Registered Office, Statutory Registers and Statutory Filings

On the compliance side, we provide a registered office for the service of legal process in accordance with corporate laws and a place for the maintenance and inspection of statutory records. We maintain registers and other records required by corporate law and mange access to these records, whether for compliance purposes, due diligence purposes or otherwise. We maintain a calendar of annual corporate law filings and we prepare and make annual and ad hoc filings required by law.

Corporate Governance

We prepare and circulate agendas, notices, information packages and proposed resolutions for board and shareholder proceedings, including meetings of the board, meetings of board committees and shareholder meetings. We ensure that meetings take place in compliance with constitutive documents and corporate laws. We provide objective advice as to whether corporate actions are likely to meet expectations of shareholders or other interested persons and whether they are consistent with known objectives for tax planning, liability management, asset protection, or estate planning.

Process Service Address

We provide an office upon which legal process may be served to enable compliance with requirements of counterparties. We ensure that any legal process received is routed to enable the proper defence of any legal proceedings.