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Why Choose Us

What distinguishes us?

Timothy Loh Corporate Services brings the depth of expertise and judgment to ensure that clients are able to meet their objectives for personal asset protection, estate planning, corporate liability management and tax planning.

The reality is that meeting these objectives is not a basic administrative exercise. It is not a task best suited to an accountant, a trust administrator or a corporate secretarial firm using standard forms which meet basic compliance objectives - no matter how global that firm may be. It is not a task best suited to a bank trustee whose affiliations may lie with a bank interested in investment management and custody fees. Instead, it is a task best suited to a firm which understands the approach of the law in these matters because ultimately, each of these objectives can only be achieved by using the law as it stands.  

Whether a creditor can or cannot obtain a court judgment to execute against an asset is a matter of law.  Whether, when and to what extent title to or an interest in an asset passes to an individual is a matter of law. Whether and the extent to which a person is liable under the law is, of course, a matter of law.  And finally, whether a person is or is not liable to tax and the extent of that liability are all matters of law.

Because these objectives are grounded in the law and because we are one of but a handful of corporate and services firms with a deep background in the practice of law, we are ideally suited to help our clients not only to create the right structures to meet these objectives but to administer them in a manner consistent with the laws which prompted those structures.

Are we regulated?

We are licensed by the Registrar of Companies under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism (Financial Institutions) Ordinance as a trust or company service business. We are not a law firm and neither we nor the services we provide are regulated by The Law Society of Hong Kong. We work closely with Timothy Loh LLP, which is a law firm regulated by The Law Society of Hong Kong.