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Entrepreneurs: Company Setup and Other Startup Services

Entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges as they launch and grow their startup business. With limited resources, entrepreneurs need to focus on their core business competencies from the get go. They don't need the distraction of dealing with legal formalities to meet key commercial objectives such as capital raising, protecting intellectual property and hiring employees. Nor do they need the distraction of having to ponder key structural issues for their startup:

  • How can they protect their personal assets from the creditors of their startup?

  • How can they limit taxes on their startup to protect precious working capital?

  • How can they ensure that they comply with applicable laws and avoid penalties, civil liabilities or reputational risks from falling afoul of legal and regulatory requirements?

Timothy Loh Corporate Services works with entrepreneurs to take care of legal formalities and to seamlessly address considerations of how to structure their business. We have over 15 years of experience in the Hong Kong market and have the knowledge and judgment to help entrepreneurs with the right company setup and the right company structure and to help them with ongoing compliance requirements so they can focus on their startup.

How We Can Help

Oour services for entrepreneurs include:

  • Hong Kong Company Registration. We advise entrepreneurs on the most appropriate type of company for their startup and help them to form and register their company.

  • Hong Kong Company Secretary. We help entrepreneurs comply with applicable company laws, maintaining a calendar for the filing of required returns, maintaining statutory books and records, addressing enquiries from government authorities and managing corporate action include changes in directors, the issuance of new shares, the transfer of shares, and the declaration of dividends.

  • Opening of Bank Account.

Additional Services

Working with our affiliated law firm, Timothy Loh LLP, we can:

  • guide entrepreneurs through the process of preparing a shareholders agreement amongst the founders,

  • help startups to negotiate and prepare employment agreements,

  • we guide entrepreneurs through the capital raising process, helping them to prepare marketing materials for the capital raise, ready themselves for due diligence, prepare investment documentation and put in place an investor friendly business structure and environment.

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