Families who have generated substantial wealth face an array of choices in deciding how to protect that wealth and how to distribute that wealth through successive generations. There are discretionary and non-discretionary trusts.  There are revocable and non-revocable trusts. There are family investment companies and private trust companies. There are offshore trusts and domestic trusts.

Even after an appropriate structure is chosen to manage their wealth, there is a bewildering maze of regulations with which to comply: common reporting standards (CRS), the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA), and money laundering protocols amongst others. 

In this environment, families need an adviser with a broad and deep understanding of tax laws, trust laws, matriominal laws, corporate laws and laws relating to inheritance and succession. They need an adviser who can act with confidentiality and discretion.  They need an adviser who can exercise judgment and an even hand.

Timothy Loh Corporate Services brings the expertise, the discretion, the objectivity and the experience required to help families to manage their wealth in a manner that is not only compliant with applicable laws but that will further the key objectives of asset protection, estate planning and tax liability management.