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Private Client Wealth Management: Estate & Tax Planning and Asset Protection

While wealth management solutions often focus on growing wealth, individuals and families who have accumulated wealth are often equally if not more concerned with finding ways to preserve their wealth and pass it to future generations in an orderly and controlled manner.

  • How can individuals families protect their wealth against creditors?

  • How can they minimize the erosion of their wealth as a result of taxes?

  • How can they provide for the future distribution of their wealth to their children and grandchildren without losing control of it?

  • How can they avoid disputes amongst their children?

Answering these questions and others requires a thorough understanding of tax laws, succession and inheritance laws, company laws, banking laws, matrimonial laws and bankruptcy and insolvency laws.

Timothy Loh Corporate Services brings 15 years of experience in providing wealth management solutions to high net worth individuals and their families. We work with clients to identify commercial objectives and we work with tax and legal advisers in jurisdictions where assets or family members are located to identify potential risks to their wealth.

How We Help Private Clients with Wealth Management

Our services include:

Additional Services for Private Clients in Wealth Management

In Hong Kong, we work closely with our affiliated law firm, Timothy Loh LLP, to design and implement family holding structures using companies, trusts and funds, in Hong Kong as well as overseas to protect assets and to facilitate distribution of assts. We ensure that holding structures will survive scrutiny by tax authorities as well as by the courts civil proceedings. These civil proceedings may include family law proceedings by hostile spouses as well as inheritance law proceedings by children and other family members seeking to challenge their share of the family wealth.

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