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Corporate Structuring

Corporate structuring aims to put in place an optimal structure for an organization, taking into account amongst other things the need to limit legal liability, to minimizes taxes, to ensure efficient deployment of capital and to ensure an easy means of returning capital and distributing profits. Corporate structuring requires considerable forethought as inherently, corporate structuring looks to future contingencies which must be anticipated.

How We Help Businesses with Corporate Structuring

Given the varied objectives of corporate structuring and the need to look forward, corporate structuring requires an in-depth knowledge of a range of disciplines, including company laws, bankruptcy and insolvency laws and tax laws as well as a high level of judgment that comes with experience. Timothy Loh Corporate Services has been active in corporate structuring for over 15 years. We work with clients to identify commercial objectives and coordinate legal and tax advisers in jurisdictions where key assets and stakeholders are located to identify areas of concern and to create a structure that will address those concerns in a way that will achieve commercial objectives. In Hong Kong, we work with our affiliated law firm, Timothy Loh LLP.

How We Help Entrepreneurs with Corporate Structuring

Corporate structuring is an important process not only for multinationals but also for entrepreneurs and family offices. The needs of entrepreneurs and family offices often go beyond traditional business needs as outlined above, typically extending to the desire to address difficult issues of family succession, family disputes and control of family assets. Timothy Loh Corporate Services is well placed to address these additional issues, leveraging its expertise in personal estate planning and personal asset protection.

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