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It is sometimes said that family wealth does not survive more than 3 generations. The objective therefore is not only to preserve family wealth but to ensure that successive generations enjoy that wealth. The claims to the wealth are many. There are taxes. There are claims of spouses and former spouses. There are claims of children and grandchildren. How does an individual who has successfully amassed a fortune protect this fortune and see that it is distributed and passed down in a way that is consistent with his or her wishes? Working with our affiliated law firm, Timothy Loh LLP, and tax and legal advisers in the jurisdictions where our clients and their family members reside or are domiciled and where their assets are located, Timothy Loh Corporate Services helps clients to design and implement an estate plan, taking into account inheritance and succession laws, matrimonial and family laws, the desire to reduce or delay tax liabilities and the specific wishes of the family and its patriarch or matriarch.

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